Tips to Make Sure That Your Product Packaging Is Return Ready

Online shopping has changed lives of people in many different aspects. Many people cannot imagine living without being able to shop online. The reason is that online shopping is many times easier than going into the market and buying items. You just have to log into your computer and search for the required product across different online stores.

Nevertheless, there is a drawback of online shopping and it is concerned with the inability to see the product before buying. If you look at a dress on the website you like its color, there is a fair chance of you not liking the color of actual product when it arrives at your doorstep. Furthermore, a product can also arrive damaged. In these situations, you will automatically think about returning the product.

Items which are most frequently returned mainly include clothing, footwear, and electronic goods. Some seasons turn out to be the busiest ones in terms of returns.

According to a survey, the online returns accounted for as much as 47% of the all of the parcels in the starting days of 2018. Fault in the items was noted as the most common reason for returns.

It can be very disappointing for the customers to receive items which do not meet their expectations or are damaged. And if you have not provided enough instructions about the product return, the customer may get frustrated, which is never a good thing for your business. Therefore, it is pretty important to convey clear instructions about the product returns.

You can avoid customer frustration with the help of following tips.

  • Make sure that you have provided customers with clear instructions about the product returns. You can do it by inserting the relevant information in the package. Moreover, you can describe the return policy on your website.
  • Make sure that you have used strong packaging to allow it to be reused for the returns. It gets more frustrating for the customers having to find right packaging for the product returns. You can use strong cartons and cardboard boxes in this regard.
  • Make sure that you do everything to eliminate the risk of product returns due to damage. For this purpose, you first have to use high quality packaging and you need to add a second seal to ensure proper prevention of damage to the product.

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